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This 1/35th scale set includes W-SS collar, sleeve and shoulder rank insignia ranging from SS-Schutze (private) to SS-Obersturmbahnfuhrer (lieutenant-colonel). Set also includes belt buckles for privates and officers (2 types), collar runes and sleeve shields for specific SS units such as:

  • 3. SS-Pz.Division Totenkopf (early double `Totenkopf and late war single Totenkopf option),
  • 7. SS-Geb. Division Prinz Eugen,
  • 11. SS-Pz.Gre. Div. Nordland, 
  • 19. SS-Waffen-Gren. Div. Latvia nr 2 
  • 20. SS-Waffen-Gren. Div. Estonian nr 1

High quality PE fret. Size 40x60mm.

Eco-sustainable packaging.

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