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Rado Miniatures - more than figures

Rado was established in 2017 by Radek Pituch as a result of his more than 10 years long adventure with sculpting figures and conducting sculpting workshops worldwide. Radek, being the founder and head sculptor for the brand, managed to build a sustainable business that not only delivers high quality products but also high customer experience standards. The brand also supports modeling related initiatives globally and locally, dedicated to building the awareness of the hobby especially among the younger generations.

Today, 3 years after its foundation, Rado offers a variety of high quality resin figures, PE accessories, resin head sets and other modeling related products and services. With thousands of sets sold worldwide, thanks to a network of resellers and distributors our products are available on hand in shops in 15 countries on 4 continents.

Join us in the modeling adventure and take your figures to another level.



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