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RADO Miniatures World - more than just figures

Radek, 01/10/2020
RADO Miniatures World - more than just figures

Hi there. Have we met before? Probably. Maybe. I don't know. Welcome here, at RADO Miniatures World. As this October RADO Miniatures turns 3 years old that made me thinking. For a while now I've been considering to expand the standard shop features beyond what it was before. That's how I ended up creating RADO Miniatures World. A site that is not only a shop per se, but will contain more value, that extra thing we're looking for in the hobby. 

But first, wait, did I say RADO is 3 years old? That's right, you heard it and I said it. So for now, enjoy discounts in the shop and let's get back to the "sophisticated" things later.

Happy modeling,



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