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#NEWS - October 2020 preview

Radek, 12/10/2020
#NEWS - October 2020 preview

As the 3rd anniversary promo is about to end, we're about to announce the new sets for Fall/Winter season 2020. This time, as the main part of the novelties, we've prepared a 3 figure set depicting a party of two W-SS tank men during a discussion with a W-SS Panzer-Pioner. These figures will be available as single figures as well as a three figure set. Moreover two new headsets will join the offer, British Army Berets w County London of Yeomanry badge and W-SS canvas helmet covers. Each set comprises of 5 heads with various facial expressions. Finally last but not lease - two new PE sets for Red Army - Red Army medals and awards and insignia for late and early war units. These news will be available for sale starting from 16th October. We're on the track to expand the accessories range of our products simultaneously along with the main figure branch. More news will hit the market early 2021 and as for now - enjoy the discounts and happy modeling. 


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